Sayajiraje Water Park Akluj

Sayajiraje Park is the Beautiful Water  Park and Picnic Spot located at Anandnagar, near Akluj City. Sayajiraje Park has modern rides, Games,bus facility, mini train and free fall Fun and boating facilities to enjoy Holidays. Also there are different entertainment options for children with great variety of Indoor and outdoor Games, Rain dances, Trains and much more.

The Sayajiraje Water Park will be the good option for Picnic and Holiday enjoyment and Fun. It has beautiful landscapes, Nature, Lake, Waterfalls and gardens.The food facility also available inside with two restaurants, both indoor and outdoor with Varieties of  tasty foods and also has a hall for parties and functions.

Special Features

Boat Riding (2,4 and 6 Seater)

Slides at Water World

Rain Showers and Dance

Artificially generated Wavepool to Give experience of Ocean

Mini Train

Free Fall

Swing of the Pendulum

Octopus, Colombus, Ranger and more rides

Rollercoaster and Swingchair

Special kids Zone for more fun

Function Lawn for celebrations

Restaurant to serve Tasty and Nutritious food

Shopping Stores Inside

Eco friendly Environment

Watch Video

More Attractions in Akluj

Aklai Mandir, Shiv Srushti,

Anandi Ganesh Temple,

Shiv Temple at Anandnagar

Parvati, Nira River, 

Lavani Festival

Contact Details

Address for more datails about sayajiraje park is given as below-

Anand Nagar – Akluj,

Tal-Malashiras, Dist-Solapur,

Maharashtra, India

Contact No.

02185 202500

02185 247500






Location Map

[mappress mapid="3"]

Entry Fee and Ticket Rates

Recently Sayajiraje Water park has changed Entry Fee rates. We are updating here changes regularly.

Entry Fee For Adults Rs. 500

Everything Including Entry Fee, All Rides, Boating and Limited Food   

For Children Rs. 400

Includes Entry, All Rides, Boating and Food

Entry Fee for Only Water Park Rs 350

Entry for 3 Hours Water Park and Food



9 thoughts on “Sayajiraje Water Park Akluj

  1. What is the entry fee for this Park. Please send me details, i am planning to go.

  2. we have updated article with latest entry fee of Sayajiraje water park. thank you for your comment and suggestion.

  3. Sayajiraje more says:

    I like water park & ganpati ghat.very nice place.

  4. I like Waterpark, anandnagar,ganpati mandir,

  5. What is the entry fee for this Park. Please send me details, i am planning to go on sunday 30.12.2012

  6. supriya shinde says:

    exlent place sayagiraje park

  7. I am planing for going ur park pls say
    How many hours use in adults 500 hundred

  8. Gopal Bitode Patil says:

    nice park……………………

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