Maharashtra Times Pune Office Address

Recently TOI Group (Times of India ) has launched Pune edition of Maharashtra with Attractive Discount Offers. In the article of Maharashtra Times Offers we received lot of feedback, Problems and complaints regarding execution of this offer from Maharashtra. So now we are providing here Address and contact details of Maharashtra Times Newspaper for your Information, so you can contact to MT group.

Maharashtra Times Office – Camp Pune

Maharashtra Times

4, Dr. Ambedkar Road,

Camp Pune 411001 

Contact Numbers

020 25531088

Fax No.

020 25538736

Fergusson College Road Office

Sr. No 577, Times House,

Near Vaishali Restauarant,

Fergusson College Road,

Pune 411004

Contact Numbers

020 30112222

020 25532912


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25 thoughts on “Maharashtra Times Pune Office Address

  1. Neelambar Sathe says:

    I wish to give u anews that `punyachya panyala maticha wass yeto aahe. me
    karve roadla raahto mala s.n.d.t.kadun pani pahave news dyavi.

  2. Mahajan Vaibhav Rangnathrao. says:

    Respected Sir , I am one of the Marathi reader of your Newspaper.I have contributed Rs.99.00 to our vender Mr.Copada at Vadgoamsheri, pune.Priviousely we were taking SAKAL Newspaper from him.Now we requested him to discontinue SAKAL & give MAHARASTRA TIMES only, as per our subcripction of Rs.99.00 Now he Demands Rs.20.00 for Service charges. From Mondaydtd.08/0/2011 he has not given to us MAHARASTRA TIMES.due to refusal of said service charge. I have also made this complaint to your call center on10/08/2011,having complaint no.497345 of same date. But no one has paid any attentions in this matter.
    I also requested to give us E-mail of MAHARASTRA TIMES .
    Hope YOU may solve this problem.

    with regards.
    mahajan v.r. (9422312329)

    • On 17th July2012,maharashtra Times was not delivered as the vehicle carrying papers failed in Ghat area.This happaneing second time.
      What should I do?
      I have paid the subscription for the entire year.Pl reply by e-mail.Rgds
      a.k.ayya;22,suyog heights,mit college road,pune 411038;

  3. nanda shivaji gote says:

    we are not reciving ur maharashtra times news paper daily ,even when we complained to the boy who is giving us news paper, ther is no improvement in news paper delivery……..

  4. Dhananjay Panchal says:

    i am regular reader of Maharashatra Times.i have given check of Rs.99.00 to our agent in the month of june but the check get bounce in the last month.
    So, can i give new check to our agent? so that i can get Maharashatra Times reguraly..

    Please advise.

    Dhananjay Panchal
    Mob: 9273966535

  5. Dhiraj Patil says:


    I have subscribed for 1 year subscription at pune for news paper. But the Agent is not delivering the newspaper daily. Every alternateday he is not delivering the papers.

    I had complained to the agent about the same 3-4 times. He says sorry it was by mistake . I can understand 1-2 times. But this is happening daily. Since last 1 week I have not received the paper.

    Name of the agent

    Jadhav newpaper agency, Sai chowk, Sus Road Pashan, Pune

    Can you please take quick action ?


  6. sandeep pednekar says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am living at dange chowk, pune and i am subscribed maharashtra times.

    But it is observed that service from maharashtra times is very bad.I am not getting most of times supplimentary ( Puravani)

    After contacting agent, he told me that they are not providing supplimentary becasue they are not getting. It is very bad.

    Today same thing happens. I did not get full paper. When contacting agent (9975714020),he gives me same reply

  7. i am the regular reader of mata but from april 2012 i didnot get the news paper from agency he told us that scheme was closed april2012 from last year2011 i give the cheque of rs.99/- to the agency for scheme ten months he serve us. but now he told that the scheme is complit. now pl. start paper i also phone to mr. sachin whose no is-020-39898090. now what can i do? he told me 2days later i will start your paper but till not started. pl.start urgent.

  8. Rajesh Narware says:

    I am regular user of MT, I registered with 99/- schem,  I recieved the paper regulary ( but Late at 11:30 am) , so I given the 349 /- check to another agency.   so my first vendor stop to give the paper,  I want to know that Rs 99 schem is upto what date?  

  9. Rajesh Narware says:

    My humble request is to Maharashtra times office that ,, Please mention the Phone no. in your contact details, which are active.  this looks very cheap  that in your own contact details you are maintaing the inactive no.  

  10. P. Bagore says:

    Dear Sir,
            mi 99 Rs cheq deun Mata cha news paper 1 year sathi ghetla, parntu amachakadun news paper agenci ne deliveri charges che  100 Rs.  charge kele gelet. he Yougya ahe ka
                                                Nws paper Agenci
                                                sant Tukarm Nagar , Ganes Minder ,Pimpri , Pune

  11. Ashwini Kulkarni says:

    I request to Maharashtra Times or Pune Times Marathi, i want your email id as i want to mail u the article written by me on my programme Arangetram. I also request you to publish it before 24th june….as programme is on 24th june,2012

  12. kishor bhave says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Yesterday i saw marathi film "Tukaram". I want to send message to producer and director of it.
    This film is based on life of Sant Tukaram of Dehu, director has missed main and important portion of sant tukaram's life. When he has sunked all his "Abhanga gatha" in indrayani river, it got back to him by indrayani river. & last at the end of his life Bhagwan Vithal has sent "Aeroplane" to him. Director and producer has not shown single chamatkar of his life. At least these two things they should have shown it cinema. They have shown only half story , so that perople may hate Brahmin caste. producter and director should have done proper study of any particular character before it brings before society . Majority warkari are very much upset for not showing these two major stories of Sant Tukaram.  

  13. shailesh pimpale says:

    Dear sir,
                     I my self is professor in engineering college at PCMC area.My whole family members are reader of M.T.Earlier when ur scemes were launched in Pune ,I took the benefit of that ,But ,this time as usual I submitted the cheque of Rs.349/- before ur due date to paper agent Raju Jadhav in Wakad area(Kaspate wasti).,He were giving the paper to us ,and in last week he suddenly said ur M.T. is stopped because the cheque is rejected by office.I don't know ,whether ur office will do such things with some body who is daily reader of ur newspaper,when we started using ur M.T. ,we stopped reading one of the reputed news paper .Hoping a positive reply and waiting for M.T.will get start immediately under the scheme of 349/-. 


    Dear Sir / Madam
    I had given chq to the name of BCCL -Chq. No 557769 on dated 01/07/2012 of Rs 31 it is paid from my HDFC a/c on 11/07/2012 to BCCL but as on date i have not received to me marathi-Maharashtra Times coupon .so request you to please take on action ASAP, if any query of my address please contact on my mobile no :- 9922415565
    Regards – Shashikant Ghonshikar From- Nagpur Maharashtra.

  15. Chandrashekhar Shinde says:

    It seems that, MATA or similar news lines are made to show others descripancies but about inconvenience due to their poor services is not their concern….Readers pls have a look over such indeciplines and their irregularities as well…. I found such several complaints just above this.
    I paid Rs. 349 cheque under yearly scheme before 2 months to Mahesh Paper Agency, Kharadi. Out of two months I received news paper for only 10 day's. Is there any system MATA is having to keep control on news paper agencies, where they are selling other than original cheque depositor and collecting money from MATA. While focusing on others corruptions pls see what is happening just below your chairs.
    Chandrashekhar Shinde

  16. Kamlesh Suratwala says:

    ५३६ व ५०५ गणेश पेठ मेन्कुडले कार्यालय मागील रस्ता  १ फेबृआरी रोजी ड्रेनेज कामाकरिता खोदला होता. काम होऊन पण आज ७ महिने झाले परंतु अजून खड्डे बुजविण्यात आलेले नाहीत. हि बाब स्थानिक नगरसेवक व कोर्पोरेशन यांना वारंवार सांगून सुद्धा त्यांनी लक्ष घातलेले नाहीत. ह्या खड्ड्यान मुळे स्थानिक लोकांना येण्याजाण्याचे जिकरीचे झालेले आहे. रोज एक-दोन  वाहन चालवणारे घसरून पडतात.
    ह्या मेल सोबत आपणास त्याचे फोटो पाठवले आहेत. तरी आमची सर्व नागरिकांची विनंती आहे कि कृपया आपण ह्या बाबत लक्ष घालावे व सर्व नागरिकांची मदद करावी.

  17. Ajay Kumar Maheshwari says:

    Dear Sir,
     i have paid 349/- in june12 but till date yr paper not recd. kindly look in to the matter. all ready complaint one month before. but till time action in yr side. pls note my mob no. 9405750456.
    i am waiting yr reply

  18. KIRAN MARATHE says:


  19. PRIYANKA MATE says:

    mata madhe ek add ali hoti navaratri madhe ekach colour chya sadya nesun group photo pathavaycha, tar tya badal mala nit kahich mahit nasatana me war amcha group photo mail kela ahe, tar mala tyacha status kalel ka.

  20. To
    Maharashtra Times
    Dear Sir
    Sub:  Annual Subscription: Maharashtra Times
    I am a regular reader of Maharashtra Times, your Marathi daily.
    I have subscribed for two years  subscription of this daily by paying full amount of the Annual subscription fees when your scheme was announced in the month/year.
    When the annual subscription is paid I am expected to receive the copy of the daily news paper at my doorstep either directly from you as the Publisher or through your vendor agency without charging any other extra charges for the delivery.
    I regret to inform you that I am receiving my copy of the news paper through your agency M/s Suprabhat News Paper Agency ( Mr Shankar Harpude , His Mob N0 99229194640  who are charging service charges/delivery charges every month.
    Initially they were charging this service charge @Rs 10 per month for the whole month delivery, which they increased to Rs20 per month after few months, and now they demand Rs30 per month for the monthly delivery of news paper the total cost of full month’s newspaper is only about Rs 100 to 110. This amounts to they charging service charges of almost 30% of the total cost of the news paper.
    I fail to understand as to whether this charges are with the knowledge of the news paper publisher or they are demanding just like that.
    I hope this extra charges of service charges is not part of the agreement when then annual subscription scheme was announced by you.
    Please therefore look into the matter and see that the vendor agency delivers the news paper without charging the extra amount.
    I look forward to receive your reply within justifiable time.
    Ramesh Chavan
    Mob No, 9822288921

  21. Ravikiran Kulkarni, says:

    Last two days I see your advertisement / announcement in newspaper about “YOUTH, YOUTH ISSUES & YUVA DIL”, I am impressed with your efforts. Instead of sitting on fence and discussing about today’s problems in a pessimistic way, we need to be a part of “Solving Problem”.
    61% of youth is unemployed even after education. Parents mostly depend on Government for jobs for children. Government cannot create jobs for everybody. Youth of today needs to “Unleash Inner Potentialities” and explore new avenues or opportunities to be self employed.
    For doing this, necessary skills have to be developed. One need to understand the market requirement and develop accordingly. By doing this, we will succeed in our venture, enjoy stress free and trouble free life. Youth through this will automatically move away from habits like Smoking, Drinking and falling pray to anti depressants etc.
    Institutes to empower youth with skills to explore hidden talents, develop them and show them path to succeed in life is the need of hour.
    I am working in this direction and would be always keen to share my thoughts if desired. Mata should print the write-up for the welfare of youth. I would be ever ready to share.

  22. Jagruk Nagrik says:


    I am a regular reader of Maharashtra Times Marathi .
    I stay in dhayri Pune, I have a serious complaint reagrding Black cylinder gas sale.
    You guys can do sting operation and can bring this scam infront of society, on dhayari phata to Dhayari Gaon Road they have there daily base situiated for distribution of cylinder, This distribution happen near SBI Atm. If you ask them for gas by black they easily make it available, and on other side from Bharat Gas vendor Dhayari always says lack of cylinders fails to provide gas on time.

    Please take note of this, and open this scandal by ur way.

    Jagruk Nagrik

  23. suresh bhosale says:

    i stay on pune satara road near D-mart in Indralok society sr. no. 63/2B/2 i have complaint against unauthorized and illegal connection of water pipeline stolen we gavecomplaintno.2659 @swargate water supply dept.on25sept2013 but no one stop it today everything is managed.

  24. I would be grateful if you inform me the contact details (e-mail and cell phone no,) of Dr Amol Annadate whose article on Polio has appeared in today’s (12 Feb) Maharashtra Times.

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