CNG Price in Pune

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is becoming a best alternative fuel for cars and other vehicles due to the problem of increasing prices and irregular supply of Petrol, Diesel and LPG. CNG (compressed Natural Gas) is more Clean, Lighter, Cheaper and Reliable fuel for Cars and other vehicle as compared to Petrol, LPG (Liquid Petrolium Gas) and Diesel. Currently CNG is the most Affordable fuel in Pune as compared to other popular fuel options for vehicles.

In Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad city, there are more than 15 CNG Filling Stations (Pumps) in Pune

We are providing the latest CNG price in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad area. The new CNG prices are effective from 2nd February 2011.

Price of CNG in Pune City: 

Current Price of CNG gas in PMC (Pune City) area is

Rs. 35.90 per kg

Price of CNG in Pimpri Chinchwad City

Current Price of CNG gas in PCMC (Municipal Corporation) area is

Rs. 35.50 per kg

There may be a chance of CNG Price decrease after decrease in CNG Transportation cost and increase in demand.

There are some benefits of CNG gas over other fuel options-

1. CNG is Clean and Natural Fuel 

2. CNG is than air (So it's more safe to use than any other fuel)

3. It's odorless (LPG has bad odor)

4. It's affordable. Price is less as compared to Petrol and LPG.

5. More Mileage than Petrol, LPG and Diesel

6. Easy to process, Eco friendly.

So, we can say, CNG will be the best alternate option to other fuels.

CNG Price History in Pune

In earlier of 2010 CNG Price was Rs. 28.25 in Pune City and Rs. 28.00 in Pimpri Chinchwad City

In the month of June Price of CNG Gas increased by Rs. 7 and become Rs. 35.90 in Pune City

There are more than 5 thousand of Rickshaws and more than 100 PMT buses are running on CNG gas in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad City. Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited has more than fifteen CNG Filling station in Pune and Pimpri chinchwad city.

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  1. sachin jadhav says:

    i read the above mentioned article, which is well mentioned & useful for looking forrward for Auto rickshaw. As compaired with the increased prize of petrol , absolutely natural gases are affordable now.
    Sachin Jadhav

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