Akluj is the Largest Village of Asia with most facilitated Grampanchayat. Akluj is the city of History and Heritage. Akluj experiencing growth in all areas including Education, Industries, Politics and  Infrasructure and trying to get new Horizons.The Bhuikot fort is the main historical place in Akluj which built in 12 th century. Recently, this fort get modernized and renamed as Shiv Srushti or Shiv Darshan.

TALUKA: Malshiras (13 KM from Akluj)



STATE: Maharashtra     

DISTRICT: Solapur(110 Km from Akluj) 

TIME ZONE: Time zone of akluj is IST (UTC +5:30)

Akluj – Asia's Largest Village with Most Facilitated Gram Panchayat

Akluj is the Largest Village in Asia with most facilitated Gram Panchayat.Akluj has urban touch due to its Infrastructure, Facilities and Development. The new projects such as Sayajirajewater park, laser show and Shiv Srushti are becoming attraction of Akluj city.

Grampanchayat of Akluj gives attention to provide all neccesary facilities to Aklujkars time to time. The name 'Akluj' has been derived from the name of Goddess 'Aklai'.

Major Attractions

The new Places and projects such as Sayajiraje Water Park, Multimedia Laser show, Shiv Srushti, Anandi Ganesh Mandir are the major attractions of Akluj city. Akluj has urban look due to modifications, growth and advancements in the all areas. 


Sayajiraje Park

Anandi Ganesh temple

Multimedia Laser show

Akluj experience the growth of all areas and fields. Akluj has urban and modern look due to its well developed Infrastructure, High quality Educational facilities, planned Industrial and Political Growth.

The Bhuikot fort (Shivsrushti)

Akluj is the City of History and Heritage. The Bhuikot fort (formerly known as Akluj fort) is the main Historical place of Akluj. The Bhuikot fort has been modernized recently and named as Shivsrushti which shows series of great moments and events of the life of Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji. 


Shivamrut Garden  

This beautiful place is approx. 8 Km from Akluj City.



The information about latitude and Longitude of akluj is given as below 

The Latitude 17.9000 longitude 75.0333     

Altitude (feet) 1581  Lat (DMS) north 17° 53' 60 N     

Long (DMS) east 75° 1' 60E Altitude (meters) 481


Current Population of akluj is 80,000 Approx. (2009) The Population of Akluj in 1971 was 40,278 (As per Census 1971) 


Nira River is the main River flows by Akluj   


The name of city Akluj is derived from the name of town goddess "Aklai"     


Malshiras 13 Km    

Velapur 11 Km   

Natepute 33 Km

Narsingpur 14 Km    

Indapur 26 Km     

Nimbgaon Ketki 25 Km     

Tembhurni 22 Km     

Bhalavani 26 Km

Mahud 33 Km


SHOLAPUR Airport -110 Km 

KARAD Airport -100 Km

PUNE Airport -165 Km


PANDHARPUR Railway Station 40 Km

BARAMATI Railway Station 60 Km

SANGOLA Railway Station 60 Km

SOLAPUR Railway station 110 km


Akluj has two Bus Stands. 

1. Main Road Akluj ( New Bus Stand)

2. Near Bhaji Mandai Akluj ( Old Bus Stand)


Largest Village in Asia

Akluj is the largest village in Asia with its Population more than 50,000. Akluj is the Village with most facilitated Grampanchayat. It has urban touch due to well developed Infrastructure, Education, Industries and some Innovative Projects such as Sayajiraje Park, Laser show etc.  

Traffic Signals

Akluj is the first village with the use Traffic signals to control Traffic.Akluj has more than two Traffic Signals at main chowks of Akluj to handle traffic Problems.


Akluj is the only village with more  than 3-4 people as leaders or MP, MLA's and ministers from one family. The name of  family is Mohite-Patil.

Lavani Mahotsav   

Lavani mahotsav is one of the major attraction of Akluj. The lavani mahotsav being held every year in the month of December or January to Promote the culture of Maharashtra and entertain people. The quality of this Lavani mahotsav is nowhere seen in any part of Maharashtra.

R.T.O. Office     

Akluj is the only village with R.T.O. office and a Separate Passing No. MH-45.

Akluj  City Information

Akluj is Beautiful City with many Attractive Places to Visit and experience a great enjoyment. The Grampanchyat of Akluj is one of the most facilitated Grampanchayat in the world and Akluj is the largest village in Asia. 

Akluj is declared Village officially but it has a Urban look  and all modern facilities.The Well developed Infrastructure, Modern Culture, Great educational Facilities and Proper planning boost the Groawth of Akluj city and attract more tourists every year. 

New projects such as Sayajiraje park, Multimedia laser show, Shiv Srushti, Anandnagar Temples and many other projects are the major attractions or places of Interest.  

Malshiras is the  Taluka place,13 KM from Akluj  and solapur is the district Place. Solapur is 110 Km from Akluj which is the nearest Airport for Akluj but the frequency of Aeroplanes is Very Less.


Time zone of Akluj is IST (UTC +5:30). The Latitude of Akluj is 17.9000 ( Lat (DMS) north 17° 53' 60 N) longitude is 75.0333 (DMS) east 75° 1' 60E Altitude (meters)

Altitude 1581 feet

Nira River is the main River flows by Akluj and is the main source of water for home as well as agricultural use. The name akluj derived from Goddess Akluj.    



 Akluj is the large population Village with More than 1,00,000 souls. The Population of Akluj city was 40,278 in 1971.

Nearest Villages and Towns

 Akluj is the main City in the Malshiras Taluka. The nearest villages or Towns are small in size and facilities as compared to Akluj. The Baramati, Pandharpur, Sangola are the other major cities which are large or equal to Akluj city. 


 Travel facilities for Akluj are Road Transport System only but the Railway stations and Airports near to Akluj mentioned here. SHOLAPUR and KARAD Airport are the nearest airports to Akluj  (About 110 Km).  

 Special things of Akluj 

 Akluj is the first village with Traffic signals to control Traffic.Akluj is the only village with more  than 3-4 people as political leaders.

   Lavani mahotsav is the festival of Maharashtra's traditional dance type held every year. The lavani mahotsav being held every year in the month of December or January to Promote the culture of Maharashtra and entertain people. The quality of this Lavani mahotsav is nowhere seen in any part of Maharashtra. 

Sugar Factories 

Shankarrao Mohite Patil Sahakari Sakhari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd, Shankar nagar

Malinagar sugar Factory, Malinagar


Lot of education facillities are available in Akluj from Primary school to Degree and post graduate colleges. 

Schools in Akluj 

Akluj: Sadashivrao Mane Vidyalaya 

Shankarnagar: Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite Prashala Yashwantnagar 

Malewadi: Shankarrao Mohite Mahavidyalaya   

Banking and Financial services in Akluj   

Akluj has more than 6 Nationalized and other Private Financial Institutions, Banks to Fulfill the Financial need and Transactions aklujkars

The Akluj city is becoming more beau tiful, popular because of its growth rate and Achievements.    

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